Basic Pneumatics

Basic Pneumatics

Using the latest in pneumatic training aids our equipment is based on ‘genuine’ industrial products and applications, covering industrial level training requirements. All the components used in the system are industrial items that are widely used in various industries worldwide. Our training aids have been developed by trainers for trainers.

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To provide candidates with an understanding of basic pneumatic systems.

  • Understand basic theory and components of a pneumatic system.
  • Understand the configuration of components in different types of pneumatic applications
  • Simple troubleshooting of pneumatic systems
  • Routine maintenance of pneumatic systems
  • Recognise safety aspects of pneumatic systems
  • Understand relationship of air pressure and air flow
  • Understand basic pneumatic circuit diagrams
  • Build and test pneumatic systems with basic components
  • Builds systems for various applications
  • Routine maintenance of pneumatic systems

The course uses a mixture of group exercises and input discussions to fully involve participants.